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H8597 001 Aetna Plan
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An HMO D-SNP plan, H8597 001, has several benefits you need to improve your health. With this private health insurance plan, you can receive many in-network and out-of-network services. Additionally, many of the services you receive are free. This way, you can save a lot of money thanks to your health plan. Moreover, you can choose a health plan that is more suitable for you by taking advantage of the advantages valid for all Aetna plans.

Aetna H8597 001 Plan

The H8597 001 summary of benefits Published by Aetna. H8597 001 health plan is a Medicare supplemental plan. The monthly top-tier plan and annual deductible are $0 for both Medicare and Medicaid earners. Aetna H8597-001, the local HMO health plan, carries a total of 3640 medications. It has no cap space coverage and only the Donut Hole discount. Additionally, SNP has a dual eligibility requirement. There are 5 drug tiers in this plan, and the preferred pharmacy cost share in the first coverage phase is $0 at all tiers. The number of drugs per level varies and the highest amount of drugs is in level 4.

The plan offers mail order H8597 plan has 13983 members. This shows that it is a highly preferred plan. Additionally, customer and member experience ratings are quite high. Monthly premiums for the Part D basic premium plan are $28.40. The additional premium for part D and part C premium is zero dollars. There is no such thing as extra assistance for low-income earners. However, since many procedures are free of charge under insurance, there is no need to pay additional premiums.

H8597 001 Plan Summary of Benefits

The basic costs and coverage of the H8597 001 Aetna plan, which is a dual full plan, are very affordable. This plan has no monthly plan bonus. Because it has vision, dental and hearing coverage, examinations, and expenses in this area are significantly reduced. Purchasing most equipment is also free. If you want to buy equipment outside the borders, you just need to pay the remaining part that Aetna does not pay. Additionally, annual routine examinations are free. For medical equipment such as glasses, parts such as frames or glass can be replaced free of charge during the warranty period.

Your prescription medications are free or discounted thanks to the H8597-001 plan. The first limit of drug coverage is free, thanks to Aetna, which includes thousands of drugs in the plan. Additionally, according to the plan, the maximum out-of-pocket cost is $8850. You do not pay any fees for primary care, specialist doctor and inpatient hospital care. Additionally, the co-pay for emergency care is $0 both domestically and internationally. You also don't pay for emergency room visits and ambulance transportation.

What is H8597 001 Plan?

Aetna H8597 Medicare health plan is a plan that has emerged to reduce your healthcare expenses throughout the year. Thanks to this very comprehensive plan, you can protect your health and improve it easily. You do not have to get guidance during specialist doctor visits. You pay less for your prescription drugs. You can also order medicine by mail to your home, saving yourself from the hassle of going out and looking for a pharmacy when you are sick.

To reach Aetna's providers, you can use the website or mobile application. Here is a list and phone numbers of all providers that work with Aetna. Since you can see the locations of the providers on the map, you can easily reach the nearest provider. In addition, thanks to the frequently updated map, you can easily notice providers that have closed, newly opened, joined the network, left the network, and changed addresses.

Aetna H8597 001 Plan Advantages

The Aetna H8597 001 Plan allows you to feel advantageous in many matters. Health plan and drug plan premiums are $0, but you must pay your part B premium. There is no in-network health plan deductible, and you have a $545 annual drug plan deductible. You can be examined by primary and specialist doctors free of charge. Diagnostic tests and procedures, laboratory services and diagnostic radiology services performed upon doctor's request are completely free of charge. You also do not need to be present for outpatient x-rays. Skilled nurse testimonial, inpatient, emergency, preventive care, ground ambulance and rehabilitation visits and therapies are also free.

There are several other benefits you will receive when you get Aetna health insurance. One of these is mental health services. People who receive inpatient treatment, group therapy, individual therapy and those who go to therapy do not pay any fee. You can obtain medical durable equipment free of charge. You can benefit from dentures and diabetes supplies free of charge. You can also have routine vision, hearing, and hearing tests once a year.

The benefits Aetna provides are many. In preventive dentistry, oral exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments and dental x-rays are free within limits. Comprehensive dental restorative services, endodontics, periodontology, extractions, and other oral and maxillofacial surgery services are also free within borders. Contact lenses, glasses and frames, lenses and upgrades are also among the services you can benefit from free of charge within borders.

H8597 001 Sign Up

You can view details about your H8597 001 plan by logging in through the website and application. To do this, you must first create a membership. You can call 1-800-633-4227 to assist you with membership. You can also create an Aetna account yourself using your credentials and current email address. You can log in at any time and access your current data and Aetna catalog information. If you are not included in an insurance plan, you can apply and meet with a health planner after signing up.

After the membership process, you can choose the most suitable health plan for you by reviewing the plans on the website. For this, you can choose the H8597-001 plan, which is very beneficial. You can also access OTC catalogs and review the updates for 2024. You can also have detailed information about OTC, prepared in partnership with Aetna - Nations Benefits.

H8597 001 Login

All you have to do is use your membership information when logging into Aetna. After clicking the login button on the home page, enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, you can click on the "I forgot" buttons under the login section. For other login problems you may have, you can get support from Aetna customer service by calling 1-800-633-4227.

Once you access your account, your OTC allowances, nearby providers, your payment plans, healthcare, and more appear. You can easily check your health information and get information about your insurance-covered services from a single page. Since Aetna has an easy interface, you can carry out your transactions in a very practical way.

Aetna H8597-001 Some Coverage

In addition to its free services, Aetna offers many other services with partial coverage. Some of these Some services are partially covered under the plan. Therefore, if you need health care, you have the right to benefit from services to a certain extent. Essentially, some coverage includes transportation services, OTC, short-term meals, annual exams, and telehealth. Emergency transportation is a subject of partial coverage worldwide. Health education, personal emergency response system, and smoking and tobacco cessation counseling also qualify as partial benefits.

Aetna health plans offer remote access technologies, i.e. web/phone-based technologies, nursing hotline, etc. situations are in partial coverage. Additionally, participants receiving chemotherapy have the right to receive a wig in case of hair loss due to chemotherapy. However, medically approved non-opioid pain management services are completely excluded. Examples of these services include acupuncture, alternative treatments, therapeutic massage, and chiropractic services. You can call customer service or contact your local SHIP for more details.

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